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Mixer Stream + Humble Bundle Partner Alerts

I've been asked how did I set up Humble Bundle Alerts to pop up on my mixer stream for Humble Bundle through streamlabs. I realized this wasn't as straight forward as I thought so I decided to make this quick post showing step by step how to enable this if you're a Mixer Humble Bundle Partnered streamer.

Step one

Log into your Humble Bundle Partner Dashboard. Near the top you'll see "Streamlabs" Click it.

Step two

You'll see "streamlabs support is currently only avalible for Twitch" Not entirly true but here's the work around. Don't click "Link" just yet, go to first.

Step three

At hit "Logout" because you're most likely logged in streamlabs under your Mixer Streamlabs handle. We want to logout so that we can log into the Twitch side to Humble Bundle. This won't any effect to your current alerts if you logout, don't worry. We'll log back in with Mixer later.

Step 4

Now that you're currently logged out of Streamlabs under Mixer, go back to the Streamlabs Humble Dash Page and NOW click "Link" on the streamlabs Humble Dash page! This will take you to a login screen

Log in with Twitch (you'll need to make a Twitch account if you don't have one...)

Step 5

Once you long in with Twitch from the Humble Bundle Streamlabs Partner Dashboard, it'll now show this! Don't hit test yet!.....we need to get the browser source URL code first for your stream software to input.

Go into while you're logged into the Twitch side of it. Then go to "Alert Box" then if you'd like to customize your style alert, click donations here. This is how Humble Bundle feeds the alert to streamlabs as a "donation. This will be seperate from your regular donations and won't effect donation goals and/or streamboss status as it is not your Mixer Streamlabs account your getting this notification for. This simply helps celebrate those who chose to support you buy shopping HB with your URL links as a partner.

Step 6

While you're done with getting the notifications set up, now is the time to grab the URL browser source for this single alert. I would only select "Donations" as the only alert to pop through this as it will serve as your Humble Bundle Purchase alert to give you real time notification for anyone who shops using your Humble Bundle Store. Copy the URL and paste it as a browser source in your streaming software. DONE

Step 7 now you can press Test on teh Humble Partner Dashboard Streamlabs page and see the notification pop up on you stream with the sound/ image you selected it to be from You can now logout of the Twitch Streamlabs page once you're happy with it and log back in using your Mixer account. HAPPY STREAMING!

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