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TopicTech's Ark Servers 


Server Info
PVE Crossplay 

Server Name: HouseTech 
Password: Received in discord
(requires 5hrs watch time or subscribe on twitch)

10x Taming Speed
10x Harvest Multiplier 
10x Item Stacking

​2x XP Multiplier

Server will shut down November 26th 2023 

Player names: 

  • No player named "human". Pick an actual name and not something like TopicsNumberOneFan. Player will be asked to change.

  • Your player name cannot be something with derogatory terms, swear words ... this indicates you dont take this game seriously and are just here to troll.

  • Don't put your stream url as your name or tribe name; this includes Mixer or Twitch addresses (your welcome to advertise it on the discord under self-promo, just don’t spam it).



  • Don't join a tribe unles you intend to stick with them. Any lost property from leaving that tribe is considered lost and will not be released by the admin.

  • Don't beg to join tribes or join the server expecting someone to pick you up from you location or let them join their tribe, 

No griefing

  • Plain and simple, its a pve server. Don't do ANYTHING against another player. (outside of events)

  • Don't build spawn points.


  • Anyone can stream from this server

  • Don't promote your stream in the server. 

No cave/surface blocking 

No luring dinos to players bases or knocked out tames.


DON'T BE A JERK. You can play somewhere else if that's what you aim to do.

Any form of griefing will be banned. Period. 

Disclaimer. New rules can be added or changed at any time. Play at your own risk. TopicTech (admin) can ban anyone for whatever reason he so fits to see. This server was created to have fun on as a stream community. Not your personal play ground. Don't take anything too serious or too pesonal. It's only a game.  


Server Events

Coming Soon

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