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How to clip your live stream using BoomReplay

Part of being a content creator is sharing your content. Part of being of live streamer is to just "do it live!". Have you ever had one of those epic moments you wanted to capture. Crazy car flip over a sqaud and get away untouched. Well now on Mixer, you can! Boom.TV has added support to users to install their program for users. However..I've found that its not directly support to OBS FTL just yet. I made this video to help explain the 2 files needed to be added to your OBS-FTL folder inorder to make this program work seemlessly NOW instead of waiting for the next update. I know I s

Download BoomReplay --- Download Latest OBS-FTL -- 1) Make sure OBS-FTL is closed 2) Copy file: C:\Program Files (x86)\\BoomReplay\thirdparty\obs\x64\boom-capture.dll paste the file "boom-capture.dll" to C:\Program Files (x86)\obs-studio-FTL\obs-plugins\64bit 3) Copy folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\\BoomReplay\thirdparty\obs\boom-capture paste folder "boom-capture" to C:\Program Files (x86)\obs-studio-FTL\data\obs-plugins

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