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Summerfell Guidelines



We are Summerfell!


(A) Pirate- Builder of warboats, guard the island Scouters other islands for raid targets. -FIgher/Raider (boost health and melee, increase PVP stats)

(B) Builder/Crafter - Organize boxes and equipment and create buildings & things -Armorsmith/Weaponsmith


(C) Chef- Food and drink gatherer/cooker, garden upkeep


(D) Tamer- Goes out taming, keeps tames organized and manages breeding. Everyones job is always Resource gathering: (wood,thatch,fiber,metal, ect) 




King- Anyone can rank up to King but their are only 5 kings total
What's it take to be king? You've successfully held the captain title on several missions and have given great success to the company. (Protected a raid, sink several ships, ect.) Kings must be nominated by atleast 2 Captains 
Duties - Coming soon


Captain - Gained once you create a large boat with crew. Lead a group of knights under your respective role (Titles: Pirate Captain , Chef Captain, Tame Captain, Crafter Captain ) 1 captain per role so 4 captains total.
Duties - Coming soon

Captain's can be challenged for their rank by a knight to take over in role. Only 1 challenge can be sent per week. Challenge must be approved by the King. This challenge will be a gladiator style match 1v1 to the death. Weapon of choice by the captain
Perks =
Captain's court yard living quarters.
Control of larger amounts of land.
Access to the control battle galleons. 
1 Additional ballet on votes on laws 


Knight - Rank up once you build first galleon 'battle ready' and approved by the king. 
Perks =
ability to use kingdom tamed animals
access to the kingdoms armory
living quarters in the castle 
Duties - Coming soon


Militia- Rank up once you build your first livable house (in tthe kingdom). Proven yourself as a worth member of society. 

Duties - Survive and be ready to battle

Recruit- Everyone Starts at this rank. Your loyality is tested and your skills are measured. Be strong, and earn your keep.

Duties - Survive and prove yourself

~Coming soon~

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